Meet Dawn Noel – star of salsa, sitcoms and starships
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Meet Dawn Noel – star of salsa, sitcoms and starships

Dawn Noel may well be the biggest star you’ve never heard of – multi-talented (to say the least) and surely set to become a familiar name before long. On stage and in front of the camera, she’s an actress, dancer, and model, while behind the scenes she is equally accomplished as a writer, producer, and … Continue reading

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Hedley, Andi, Michael and Nick – shared names that raise a smile

One of the funniest gags in the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles (and there are plenty to choose from) must be the running joke about the character Hedley Lamarr – that’s Hedley, not Hedy! Supposedly, the Austrian-born actress took exception to the unauthorised use of (almost) her name for the Harvey Korman character and threatened … Continue reading

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The musical that rains supreme

It doesn’t have much of a plot, its songs were mostly recycled from earlier productions, and the star was suffering a fever when he had to film the title song-and-dance routine, getting soaked to the skin in a shrinking wool suit. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? But this was Singin’ in the … Continue reading